Damavand Hot Water Single Effect Absorption Chiller

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Low concentration single effect hot water absorption chiller


This chiller uses a heat source (usually building boiler) which provides the energy needed to drive the cooling process. It uses a solution of lithium bromide salt and water.


Water under low pressure is evaporated from the coils that are being chilled. The water is absorbed by a lithium bromide/ water solution. The system drives the water off the lithium bromide solution with heat.


Because of specific design Damavand Pars low concentration hot water absorption chiller uses low concentration of lithium bromide (58% instead of 64%) and therefore they will never face with the problem of crystallization. It is the best choice for small to medium size buildings that do not need expensive and complex systems.





1- Completely anti crystal because of low concentration LiBr.


2- No problem in case of power failure.


3- No need of three-way valve in cooling tower water circuit.


4- Uses the available hot water boiler in the building


5- No need of expensive and costly steam equipment.


6- Powerful purge system.


7- Very simple and easy maintenance.


8- High reliability


9- Economic benefits


10- Automatic and intelligent control system equipped with PLC.


11-  Valves, controls, refrigerant, absorber and vacuum pumps made in Korea.


12-  65 to 520 USRT.


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